The first step is to open an account with Your Credit Alliance. This can be done now via clicking on the following link or you can sign up after you speak with one of our certified credit consultants. To speak to one of our credit experts you can call us at 800-224-0407 or schedule an appointment via the home page sign up form. Our consultations are absolutely free and rest assure you will be speaking to a live person. One of our credit experts will reach out to you and go over your personal credit goals and your time frame to accomplish these goals. Get Started Now


It is important to get your credit report as soon as possible. We offer a Rapid Repair Option. Rapid Repair is the fastest and most convenient way to get started on your credit repair. If you choose rapid repair you are giving us permission to act on your behalf and pull your credit report directly into our system. Rapid start will cost you absolutely nothing and it will enable us to get started right away. Otherwise we can provide you with the information necessary to obtain your credit reports. Just like credit reports each client is an individual and that is how they are treated. Each credit report is individual, and we treat our clients as individuals too. The first stage of our process is to get to know you and your credit background. From there we put together a custom blue print for each of our clients. One of our friendly credit analysts will walk you through your credit report one line at a time. We will identify which items are questionable and erroneous and explain to you what we can do to improve your credit. From there we go over the entire process with you without leaving out any minute details. We will tell you what you can expect in regards to the project timeline and the price. One of our informative staff members will Identify what will likely happen in your case and make sure you understand absolutely everything.


Afterwards, if you decide to hire us, we will immediately start the dispute/verification process directly with the credit bureaus.


Whether it involves a bankruptcy, judgment, charge off, collection agency, foreclosure, tax lien, late payment, or other problem, we do everything to clear out any information that is no longer current. We will also initiate a debt validation request and audit of all questionable collection reporting. By law the credit bureaus have 30-45 days to investigate and respond to our dispute. You will receive updated reports/investigation results from the credit bureaus. It is important that you make a copy of all documents and send us the original as soon as you receive them in the mail. While you are working with us you will receive an unlimited number of disputes, regarding erroneous credit reporting for all 3 credit agencies.


Your Credit Alliance is not just a credit restoration firm. We are also credit educators. We will provide you with a knowledge base of credit education and all of the necessary tools to build new credit. We inform you on which credit cards offer the most advantages and we will help you get approved. Our determination leads to your success.