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Statute Of Limitations

You accept and agree that any lawful claim or course of action made, regardless of any law on the contrary to such, which arises from or is in connection to the Terms of Use or conditions of this agreement must be completely filed within one (1) year after any claims or legal actions are placed or be ultimately prevented from doing so.

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In any event that you believe any information or content contained on Your Credit Alliance site infringes upon any known copyright that you directly own, manage, and control, or if in any case specific link(s) on this site directs visitors or users to other sites that contains data that infringes your copyright, then you are free to file a written notice to email address stated below:

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Client hereby acknowledges and agrees to pay Your Credit Alliance for any repair work as it is completed on a prearranged monthly basis. Payment will be collected or due after any work is completed on a client’s account. More so, if ever the bank dishonors any payment, the client agrees to pay a dishonored payment fee amounting to $30. Any continuous work on your account will be suspended or canceled upon default of payments as stated in the contract.

Conflict of Interest

Client acknowledges to company that it does not promote, advertise, or represent any lineup of products and services that currently compete directly or indirectly with Your Credit Alliance services.